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BOOM BEACH: win free diamonds

Get the most out of the Boom Beach game! This is a Supercell video game that invites us to carry out a strategic combat in an incredible scenario: a beautiful beach. The same creators of other hits like Clash of Clans now present Boom Beach, a very fun game that is set in World War II. In order to enjoy all the possibilities of the game you will need resources such as diamonds that will help you to optimize the processes. For this reason, TrukoCash offers you an unlimited diamond generator with which you can fill your account with this virtual currency and enjoy a game full of unlimited excitement. Want to know more? Boom Beach Unlimited Diamond


At Boom Beach you'll be under the skin of a World War II combat platoon. In this exciting adventure you will fight against Blackguard, a criminal who has invaded an archipelago. You must unite all your troops and define a good defensive strategy to invade the opposite island and free the villagers. Supercell hits the spot again with the release of the game Boom Beach, one of the most successful war and combat games for mobile phones. Today, this adventure is one of the most played in mobiles and in its aesthetics and game function we find many similarities to Clash of Clans. Some of the resources of Boom Beach are diamonds, wood and gold with which you can improve processes, strengthen your troops and enjoy more exciting games. However, it's not always easy to obtain all of these resources, which is why TrukoCash offers a powerful tool that allows you to earn unlimited diamonds - our online resource generator. To fill your account with Boom Beach diamonds simply select the amount you want to include in your account and enter your username. This is how the hacking of the game will begin, allowing you to enjoy a much more fun game.

How to get diam

onds in Boom Beach The diamonds in Boom Beach are a very valuable resource and in fact during the game they can only be obtained through micropayments. So far. At TrukoCash we offer a free resource generator that will make your game much more interesting without having to wait for the process to be completed. Remember that in Boom Beach there are other resources such as coins or gold, and these resources can be obtained as you progress through the game. But not diamonds. Diamonds are the most important element in this universe and to win them you can only use your money or our generator with which we managed to hack Boom Beach. A trick: if you want to make your command more difficult to defeat by your enemies, there is a trick that few people know and that is to move the buildings and defenses. You can modify the territory to create different blocks of buildings or houses to serve as a wall. With this simple trick, you can keep your territory better protected from enemy attack.