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Generators, tricks and free hacks of the Best Games 🎮 DEATH STRANDING

Death Stranding Generators , tricks and free hacks of the best games Death Stranding: Ammunition, Materials and Infinite Stars Do you want to play Death Stranding with no resource limit? Death Stranding is an action, adventure and exploration game for PC and PS4 in a post-apocalyptic open world. This is the new game by Hideo Kojima, father of Metal Gear and Snatcher, an enigmatic work that is a pioneer in its genre since it includes mechanics and details never seen in other similar video games On this occasion we are proposed a very clear mission: to save the world, but not in the way we are used to. No, Sam Bridges will have to do everything possible to reconnect humanity to avoid it being completely overwhelmed by a supernatural cataclysm. Ammunition, Materials and Death Stranding Stars Generator In Death Stranding you have the possibility to get the different resources of the game through a hack that will allow you to get them unlimited. TrukoCash provides you with an online generator so that you can equip yourself with as many of these different materials as you need to advance in the story without any problems and explore its vast world for free. Hacking Death Stranding is very simple, no need for any guide or apk, to get it, you just have to download our generator and put the number of ammunition, materials and stars and click on "start", once done from TrukoCash we will take care of everything, just like that, without verification or registration! What is the ammunition for in Death Stranding Although Death Stranding is not an ordinary action game, there are several moments where we can fight. To be able to fight against the EVs and humans, you will have a good variety of weapons at your disposal. Weapons consume ammunition, of course. When it runs out, you will see that the enemies will not drop bullets for them. To get your ammo, you'll need to rest in a shelter, where it will replenish itself, make the weapons again, or get your hands on your enemies' weapons. As you can see, getting enough ammo can be a costly and sometimes time-consuming task. So wouldn't it be better to save yourself all this time with the TrukoCash? What are the materials in Death Stranding for? A very important part of the game is to build different types of infrastructure that can help you and other players move through the vast world and continue to progress in history and exploration. To get hold of these materials you will either have to visit distribution centers frequently, where it is easy to get them, but you will not be able to choose what materials to get and they are often in short supply. Another way to get hold of them is to raid terrorist camps or other settlements, although the danger is much greater and you will need to be well equipped. You should also bear in mind that to build most of this infrastructure you will need a large number of these different materials, so wouldn't it be easier to have unlimited availability? ;) What are the stars in Death Stranding for? The last of the indispensable resources of Death Stranding are the stars. The stars will serve as elements of permanent improvement of your different parts of the equipment, such as tools or weapons. You can get stars by completing different missions or challenges through the map, however, you must take into account that they are scarce and can be difficult to get and you must use them wisely and cautiously as they are very limited. What are you waiting for to improve all your equipment to the maximum?