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King of Thieves: Totem and Infinite Gems

Do you like to play King of Thieves? It's one of the most amazing games on the market today and has a huge following all over the world. This game of silverware and ingenuity will make you get under the skin of a thief who has to find them to steal treasures and prevent other thieves from stealing from him. At TrukoCash we offer a gem generator and King of Thieves totem pole so you can play this game for as long as you like. Are you in? ;) King of Thieves Totem and Gem


Games like King of Thieves have some resources that, if you are missing, prevent you from playing the game peacefully. We are talking about the King of Thieves gems, which will allow you to speed up some processes and to invert gems in moments of the game that will make you stronger and invincible. But... how do you get gems and totems in King of Thieves? The default way that comes with the game is through the game itself or, also, through micropayment. However, we want you to be able to get dirty as long as you want, and that's why we offer you a hack that will allow you to get unlimited resources so you can play until you get tired. With King of Thieves you can become a subtle, stealthy thief and prevent other thieves from stealing your treasures. And now, with the TrukoCash generator, you'll get endless gems that will make you a real crack of the game.

What are totems and gems for in King of Thieves

? King of Thieves gems are a recognition of your ranking or evolution in the game. Therefore, if you use the gems naturally, they will tell you what your rating is: the more valuable the gems, the better you will be rated. There are gems of many colors: yellow, red, green, blue, red, etc. When you do a ritual, you have to join 3 gems of the same color and, in this way, you will get very different potions. But, besides these traditional gems, in King of Thieves there are also special gems. Special gems

in King

of Thieves Special gems are those that you get by stealing them from someone or when you win them through challenges. They are resources that are more valuable than ordinary ones and are unique in the game. You can't get them in other challenges, so you can collect them. You can hide these gems on the totem pole, because this way, other players will think that it is a gem smaller than 3000 and, therefore, you will not be motivated to steal it. Think that, by hiding it in the totem, what you are doing is "disguising" the value of the gem in order to protect it better.

The King of Thieves totem

One of the most characteristic resources of King of Thieves is the totem. You can find them in the dungeons, and here you can combine gems and move up the rankings. But totems also allow you to earn rewards, because with every new gem you win, you can spin the wheel to get benefits like mushrooms or leaves. These are essential rewards to enhance character customization. And, as we said, totems also allow you to hide special gems and get a better strategy for your opponents. This is the element that allows you to hide the real value of this type of gem, so that you can protect it from other thieves in the game.